Global Sustainability: How can business schools contribute?

At the recent (April 2008) UNICON (Universities Consortium) conference held at MelbourneBusiness School’s Mt Eliza executive education campus I was given the role of facilitating a morn-ing’s session on global sustainability. We were fortunate in that we had two excellent speakers to set the scene, William Kininmonth, science advisor to the Science and Public Policy Institute and former head of Australia’s […]

Beyond Strategy: Leadership, Futures and Ethics in a Complex World

The basic premise of the “Beyond Strategy”approach is that in business we put up fantasy measures that we call business planning, such as budget planning and strategic planning, which Stacey claims is a political process, primarily as social defences against anxiety.This distorts what we are actually doing and distracts us from the actual direct experiences we are having of each other […]

Pulse Of The Planet: Leadership models in the global village

Global government is on the rise, and with it a devolution of power to the grassroots. Subjugating nature is out of fashion and ecological living is the new imperative. The next generation of leaders will emerge not from the political class but from ordinary communities, bringing with them new modes of learning and new definitions […]

The Cult of Performance: What are we doing when we don’t know what we are doing?

Executive development and education have proceeded on the basis of two developments as a result of shifts in government policy over the past two decades. The first is marketisation, the belief that marketplace ideology is best, and the belief that the private sector functions better and more rationally than the public sector. The second is […]

Leadership and Spirituality

Purpose This paper seeks to suggest that effective leadership can be achieved by, and can drive, an integral spiritual connectedness between governments, organisations and society as a whole. Design/methodology/approach A literature search to map the history and the underlying philosophies that have led to the current popular concept of leadership, and to suggest a different […]